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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the final park has residents taking action. is it too late? we'll have appealing of a school board. >> new developments to tell you about the mega millions lottery mystery. when will we get our answers for the questions. will your kids need a jacket at the bus stop. all answers on abc 2 news 11:00. tonight people who live in may's chapel area are fighting back. >> they built up some of the timing. >> christian schaffer right now with those residents and how they're taking action. >> reporter: very popular park. people who live nearby say they don't want to lose. county parents are excited about getting a new school. it's like this just about every
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evening at may's chapel park but people live nearby believe the school is built here, the playing field will be long and concerns is bus and parents driving their kids to school everyday. 2 weeks ago, the baltimore county school board voted unanimously to approve construction of $25 million elementary school in the central portion of the county. >> some points here has been designated a school site. it is a school site that had been used as a park and not a park that's certed to a school -- converted to a school. >> reporter: residents many of them retirees don't buy that. pointed the diagram and plans for smaller school take up much more than than half the site. >> once they start cutting
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trees, there's no turning back. >> reporter: school officials say several schools in baltimore county will be redistricted. that means students attend school east of york road would have to be bussed in. >> i believe in neighborhood school rather than busing kids. >> reporter: now they are appealing the decision. they say the system has not been transparent. >> it was more of a we'll give the people out there their 2 cents but we're going to vote it the next day anyway. >> reporter: tonight, school officials tell me the high attendance at the public meeting. the head of the state of the park community, he presented
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several alternative plans to the members of the board, they say they were ignored. he submitted signatures in his appeal to the state board of education to overturn or delay the county board's decision. i want to take you right now harford county sheriff's website. you see all the bees. if you take your mouse go over it, you can find out that we had a breaking and entering back on the 29th of march. six breaking and enterings there. the b standings for burglary and t stands for thefts. if you have see burglaries, that's why on the a night like this, sheriff is out there with information and he's handing out information on how you can protect yourself. sharon arnold just device from home depot.
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>> it flashes and it tells me my garage door was open. >> sheriff bayne handed everyone who came in tonight a picture of the suspect that baltimore county was looking for. if you have information call police right away. new information tonight about the video of a man beaten in baltimore while someone recorded the whole thing. police now they've identified the victim from the video and working to find the suspect. you can see him as they beat him and then take off his clothes. to the best of their knowledge they say it's not a hate crime. it's being investigated as assault and robbery. in west baltimore tonight dozens of folks gathered to remember trayvon martin. parishioners at life impact
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church rallied they not only support justice for trayvon and for anyone. they collected donations. still no arrest have been made. in d.c., it was also a day to remember. today marked the the very dark day in our country's history. 43 years ago dr. martin luther king jr. was assassinated. there was a candle light vigil as people remembered leader. 15-year-old michael villa a registered sex offender is under arrest for being a peeping tom. while you look at the suspect, here is what police telling us, early march a 19-year-old woman was using the restroom when she saw a man reach under the stall with a cell phone.
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an employee saw the suspect go into the woman's room, she yelled and the coworkers followed him out the door. they found him and arrested him in brooklyn park. weather wise, a relative clear night here as we see the active weather remain south of us down toward virginia beach, clear skies over maryland. temperatures slow to fall in our immediate area. there is a freeze watch up for western pennsylvania into west virginia. that cold air will arrive in our area. tonight we're still warm in the low 60s out there in baltimore. through the day tomorrow, it will be a tough time getting much above the low 60s. even cooler potentially as you go to orioles opening day. form, we may finally know who won the mega millions jackpot in maryland.
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lottery officials are expected to make the announcement tomorrow. attorney edwards jr. held a news conference today speaking for his new client. the haitian immigrant said she has the winning ticket to the jackpot. even her attorney says he has seen it yet. >> i cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exist. i would caution anybody until it's presented to the lottery commissioner for processing that it does exist. they're only preparing in the event that there are people who might challenge what we believe to be a legitimate claim. >> wilson didn't speak at all. she said she bought the winning ticket separately from the mcdonald pool. the mega million mystery has been a hot topic today.
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do you think the wilson has the winning ticket? leave your foughts on our facebook page at abc 2 news learned that howard university softball team they have to use lacrosse players. they are being told they can't play as the school conducts internal investigation as possible ncaa violation. our sources say it's over book vouchers. the next time howard team is playing tennis tomorrow, students athletes have been told not to talk about this. 20 years ago we saw brand new grass. you see all the metal and hard hat in the past few months. you will see the hard work and person. >> let's show you right.
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abc 2 news tony marsala is at the park. >> reporter: looking out on a sunny evening really makes the season seem right. >> it doesn't get better than this place. >> reporter: now it has everything a ball pack could need with some new features for the 20th anniversary of camden yard. >> right now we're up on the rooftop deck. >> reporter: a new deck with a great view and a bar. >> we spent over $11 million improving the food service area. >> now we got ginos on that end, pretty amazing. >> reporter: right a new ginos with their camden giants. >> the bird lane has smoke brisket with potato. >> we got a special cocktail that jumps out at you. >> blueberry lemon drop. >> reporter: it's got
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antioxidant. sometimes apparently not very good showing emotion while i chew, i will tell you it's delicious and sense this is in our city, it's only fitting to use our resources. >> i got roman sausages. that means a lot to me. >> it's going to be great. people come out here, it doesn't only speak volumes of baseball, it speaks of lifestyles and food. lifestyles where people like to sit and who they like to be with. it's our neighborhood in our ball park. here is our main street. >> reporter: at camden yards, abc 2 news. great story. christian you taking request tonight, can you recue that up later in the show? opening day is friday. i hope you live at camden yard and it comes with a brand new season. take a look at news around
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the nation, more than 20 people were hurt but no one was killed during that string of nasty tornado that ripped through parts of texas yesterday. meteorologist for the weather service crews east of dallas believe the twister that touched down there reached up to speeds of 135 miles per hour. about a dozen tornadoes touched down and more than 600 homes were destroyed. the woman say was the intended target in monday's mass shooting say she was teaching somewhere else at the time. she has the right on her shoulders referring to the people who were shot and killed. 43-year-old one goh was charged with murder. he also made his first court appearance. we have some details in the death of whitney houston an
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autopsy report says the singer drowned face down. investigators so you a small spoon with a white powdery substance on it. abc 2 news is working for you tonight. it's almost payday and we're going to make sure you keep some of that money in your pocket. we will go shopping. i know you're excited about that. we will go to the supermarkets and we will rent a car. this is like the shoppers commandment, find out how to buy new and cheap. an officer gets busted for seeding. find out how a community sets up its own speed trap.
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. >> you've been online and clicked on a rental and you thought it was 4 bucks when you go to check out you find it's $400. >> airlines have to disclose
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the real take of tickets up front. in some cases rental can go from $40 to nearly $75. the others the price doubles. the american car rental association the problems say it's out of the individual company control. the rental companies may not have control of those fees but they can be more transparent about disclosing that actual cost. the next time you need to rent a car, call and ask about the fees so you're not surprised. if you're a sushi lover, listen up, maryland is one of the 19 states that come down with salmonella. federal official have tried to tracking down the case since january. they believe spicy tuna roll
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sushi. abc 2 news is working to see what you need to look out for. >> individuals who have symptoms that are persistent like 24 hour flu or cramping or high fever should call their doctor. >> we don't know what the restaurants are. again the doctors say so far they aren't making any recommendation. coupons can save you a lot of money at the grocery store. the super markets are trying to fight back to make sure you are still spending. >> reporter: you clip coupons and you buy store brand and you loyally use a store loyalty card. you maybe missing out on some other way to save money. consumer reports identify some areas where shoppers might overspend and not know it.
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starting with what looks like a sale. >> when you talk about those deals. 10 for $10, rarely it's the maximum you have to buy to get a discount. >> reporter: shoppers should survey the entire store shelf from top to bottom. that product may not be the best deal. also consumers shouldn't assume an item featured at the end an aisle is on sale. >> consumers assume items placed on end tab displays are on sale. most of the time they are. there are many instances in which they are not on sale. >> reporter: consider ordering
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groceries online or smartphone. if you find a coupon on sale this week, you might want to grab it. ham is going up. >> i know. >> i know you're always looking for a bargain. i bought this, 8 for 1. she knows how to find just about everything on sale. there are some things which you never pay full price. abc 2 news john matarese has the list. >> reporter: have you noticed we're seeing fewer and fewer big sales with the economy beginning to improve. with money still tight, doesn't mean you should start paying full price. listed some things you should pay full price on.
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if you want the ipad or apple computer or phone, you may have to pay full prize. wise bread says, many other items are easy to find. never pay list price for books, magazines and video games. also movie rentals and sporting tickets, any item of clothing and don't pay full price for hotel rooms or rental cars or appliances. the site recommends is a great place to find many of those items offering used books, games and movies for a fraction of the cost of buying them new. for more of my report go to and click on the money tab up top. don't waste your money. abc 2 news.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> a clear night out there and still relatively mild. not bad here. temperature wise we're at 63bwi. humidity extremely low, 21%. very dry air now. it was a cloudy start this morning. saw that in baltimore to finish the day. ellicott city here saw clouds and brightening sky. maryland's post powerful radar continue and clear tonight. that's going to hold up for several days. in fact, we can use some rain at this point. hoping that we get some of that early next week. 63 baltimore, low 60s on the lower's eastern shore. extremely dry air with humid south of 20%.
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right you up through the western part of pennsylvania including garrett county. i see that more into central maryland tomorrow night as colder air really begins to settle in. to the south, we still see some active weather, stall front just south of us and keeping showers at bay. that's where the active weather and rainfall pattern has been all day. south of us we stay dry and mild. cooler air trying to wrap around this double air of low pressure to the west and that's continue to generate rain. at one point the trailing front was generating tornadic thunderstorm in texas. there's that colder air that will march in briefly tomorrow night. wouldn't you know the coolest day of the next 4 or 5 will come on our friday. it still looks nice and sunny. there are those showers remaining south and that boundary really pushes south on friday and that's going to
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allow colder air to spill in and create breezier conditions. we're watching for that. we will warm up through the weekend and easter sunday. overnight 42 clear and breezy, temps dropping, 62 tomorrow. some spots south of baltimore, anne arundel and howard county, mid-60s. tomorrow night where it gets colder, more patchy frost. we've seen that before. and your 7 day forecast looking ahead. there it is for you, 60 on friday, warming up both saturday and especially into easter sunday when we look for 70. but that detailed forecast, it looks like right around 60. maybe cooler in the morning for all the festivities around camden yard. sunshine a look at the other opening days we've had, that's not bad. >> that's pretty good weather. today we're being seen in
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green. green tie. you got the green wall. >> very bright in green. this is where you get your organ card and help somebody else. this is very important here. so glad to take part in it. 2000 people on the critical waiting list in the state of maryland. we're in hot pursuit speeding through the toll plaza. >> we tell you the price some police officers had to pay for having late fees. >> coming up on nightline, massive turbulence forcing an emergency landing as that powerful power storm terrorizes the south. plus meet the topnotch crisis manager who fixes the problem of the rich and famous. that's coming up on nightline right after abc 2 news at 11:00.
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. >> 7 police officers in sun rise, florida were caught speeding through toll ladies but they were in the in -- plaza they were not in hot pursuit. spokesmen for the department they are now considering installing a gps to keep an eye on the officer's speed. we will take to you northern pennsylvania. that's why bluebirds a little over protective. when you drive in the lazy brook park and stop near a
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certain pavilion, look at this guy. little tweeter doesn't like his reflection. look at this. >> that's a dream. >> it's a graphic behind you. that's what we're talking about this chrome of green. i put it on. >> that's good. we do it year around here. >> do it. real quick tomorrow, 62 in the afternoon the sunshine is back for us and here is your orioles game day first pitch forecast it's 60. if you having a good time in the morning, maybe seeing some things 50 is cool friday
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